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Turtle Club Parent Policy Info



The Day Care will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and 7:30a.m. to 5:30p.m. on Fridays fifty-two weeks per year.


The Day Care will be closed on all Statutory Holidays as follows:

  • New Years Day,

  • Family Day,

  • Good Friday,

  • Easter Monday,

  • Victoria Day,

  • Canada Day,

  • Civic Holiday,

  • Labour Day and

  • Thanksgiving.

Please note that regular fees apply.

Turtle Club will be CLOSED the week of Christmas and the Week of March Break.  No charge for these two weeks.



Infants (1 – 18 months)                 5 Full days           $250.00 per week ( 9 hr. maximum per day)

                                                          Daily                     $ 50.00 per day


Toddlers (1½ to 3 years)                5 Full days           $175.00 per week ( 9 hr. maximum per day)

                                                           Half days             $135.00 per week (4.5 hr maximum per AM or PM)

                                                           Daily                     $ 36.00 per day or  $27.00 per ½ day.


Preschool  (3 - 4 years)                  5 Full days           $165.00 per week   ( 9 hr. maximum per day)

                                                           Daily                     $ 33.00 per day or $ 26.00 per ½ day.


Kindergarten (4 -5 years)               5 Full days           $ 155.00 per week ( 9 hr. maximum per day)

                                                           Daily                     $ 31.00  per day or $25.00 per ½ day.


School Age (6 to 10 years)             5 Full days           $150.00 per week (March break & summer)

                                                           Daily                     $ 30.00  per day

                                                           Before School     $ 60.00 per week ( 7:30- 8:40 am)                               

                                                           After School        $ 80.00 per week ( 3:30 -5:30 pm)                          



Fees are due on Friday in advance of the next week.  Fees paid later than Friday of closing are subject to a $5.00 late fee charge.  E-transfer or post-dated cheques are a good idea to avoid the late fee charge. 


All cheques that are returned N.S.F. are subject to a $ 25.00 charge.


Failure to make fee payment will result in the following:

  1. After 2 weeks without payment, your child will no longer be allowed to attend the Day Care.

  2. The family will be allowed to re-register their child after full payment of fees, if there is space available.


Written or verbal notice is required two weeks before you withdraw your child from the Day Care.



A Day Care Centre is licensed by the Province of Ontario.  It must meet the standards which ensure that the setting is safe, healthy, staffed and implemented to provide activities for the child’s development.  This Day Care is licensed to care for: 


  • 10 Infants  ( 1 – 18 months )

  • 15 Toddlers (1.5 – 2.5 years )

  • 16 Preschool (2.5 – 3.5 years )

  • 15 Kindergarten (  3.5 – 5 years )

  • 20 School Age ( 6 – 10 years )



The Centre employs quality-trained staff.  The teachers hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education and are trained in First Aid and CPR.  All staff are required to have a criminal record check done by the Niagara Regional Police.



The staff uses positive interactions to manage the behaviour of children in their care. The CCEYA specifies that corporal punishment and verbal abuse are not allowed at any time in a child care setting.

When positive intervention is needed, it will:

* be used in a positive and consistent manner.

* be related to the circumstances of the incident.

* be appropriate to the age and development level of the child.

* be intended to assist the child to learn the appropriate behaviour.                                                




If your child is sick for 3 or more consecutive days, then your fees will be refunded. Otherwise, regular fees apply.  A doctor’s note is required when your child has been absent from the Day Care with a communicable disease.




We must have a medical form on file filled out by your child’s doctor when your child starts the Day Care. Any medicine that the Day Care administers must be prescribed by your child’s doctor, in its original container and clearly marked on the label with the instructions.  A medication form must be completed and signed by the parent.




There is ample parking.  Please use the spaces available and turn your car off before entering the building.  Never leave a child alone in a parked car.  There is NO PARKING by the front door or walk way. Please remember that Gorham Road is an enter only.  Please use Summit Ave. as your way of exiting




Parents must accompany their child into the Day Care and ensure that the teacher is aware that you have arrived.


If someone else is coming to pick up your child, you must call the Day Care or we cannot release your child.




The Day Care closes at 5:45 pm (5:30 pm on Fridays) Failure to pick up your child before the centre closes will result in the following fines: Arriving within 15 minutes after the centre closes will be a $10.00 fine.

The fine continues to increase by $2.00 every 5 minutes until the child is picked up.

(The late pick-up fee does not apply to bad weather conditions i.e. Snowstorm.)




Children attending the Day Care year round are entitled to three weeks vacation, during which the family does not have to pay to reserve the child’s space.  Those parents not coming year round or for fewer than 5 days per week, will have their vacation days pro-rated.  Any parents wishing to have their child out of Day Care for more than three weeks per year need to pay 50% of their child’s fee in order to reserve their space at the Day Care.  Failure to do so will result in your child being withdrawn from the program and put on our waiting list.


Two weeks written notice must be given when using vacation weeks.




Every attempt will be made to provide care even during inclement weather, power failure, etc.  Parents will be called to pick up their child if the Day Care closes during operating hours.  If the local schools are CLOSED due to inclement weather, the Child Care program will be CLOSED also.  Please make sure that the Day Care has updated phone numbers on file.




For the safety of your child, an evacuation procedure is practiced once a month in the Day Care.  Evacuation procedures are posted in every classroom.  When picking up your child, please follow the evacuation procedure if the alarm rings.  The Fire Department visits periodically to ensure that regulations are complied with.

During a real evacuation, the children will be taken to Joes’ ValuMart and parents will be called to pick up their child.




The RECE teacher will instruct the student during their time in the classroom.

The student will NOT be left alone in the classroom with the children.

The student will NOT be included in the class ratio.

All student must follow all policies and procedures. Failure to do so will result in termination of their placement.




Two snacks and a hot nutritious lunch are included in your fees.  The lunch menu will be posted on the parent board.

It is extremely important to notify the Supervisor if there are any allergies or limitations to your child’s diet.

The Health department visits regularly to ensure that the food is being prepared safely and nutritiously.




Washroom routine is spaced periodically throughout the day, with self-help skills being encouraged.  Parents with children in diapers must supply the Day Care with diapers, wipes & cream.  When you feel that your child is ready to begin toilet training, we will work together to provide consistent methods for the child’s benefit.  During this time, please make sure your child has at least three changes of clothing in their locker.




The centre provides a rest period in the afternoon following lunch and washroom.  Children who do not fall asleep must lie quietly for 45 minutes; and are then allowed to do quiet activities while the other children sleep.  Parents are informed during orientation about our Sleep Supervision Policy and if any changes are made and when moving up to the next age group.


SUNSCREEN POLICY:  (During the months of May to September)


We are asking that all parents sunscreen their child before coming to Day Care in the morning.  Please supply a bottle of sunscreen so that Turtle Club staff can apply it to your child in the afternoon, 30 minutes before they go outside.  Turtle Club will not be held responsible if you child is not sun screened in the morning and gets a sun burn.




Open communication between staff and parents is of the greatest importance in providing quality care for your child.  Please feel free to speak to the staff about your child and their needs.  We encourage you to ask about your child’s day.


You will receive a monthly newsletter outlining upcoming events and important information about the Day Care.  There is a bulletin board located in the main hallway that provides information regarding daily activities.


We have an open door policy at our Day Care.  You may come in at any time to visit or observe your child.




Please refer to our Policy Statement on Programming and Pedagogy. We encourage parents to continue the learning experience at home.   We focus on the jolly phonic letters and concentrate on one letter per week.

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