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No service provider including Niagara Region directly operated programs offering child care in receipt of any type of funding from Children’s Services will charge families a fee to place their child on a waitlist for service.


Turtle Club will ensure that they maintain an active status on the application website and make sure the site is maintained by utilizing the support resources provided. 


Turtle Club will be responsible to maintain their provider details and program information sections of the application to always be current and to list all available programs for parents.


Turtle Club will contact parents on the One List via phone or by email if a spot becomes available.  I will contact the first person on the list based on the age group that is available.  (ie; infant room 0-16 mo)  I will contact the parent with that age of child.  If they do not want the spot, they will be removed and I will go onto the next child in line.  This will be repeated until the spot is filled.


Turtle Club will place children if they have been contacted and a spot has been filled.  They will also remove any children that no longer want to be on the list.


Turtle Club will go on the One List on a weekly basis and monitor any new clients that have been added to the list.


If a parent wants to know what number on the list they are, I will let them know either by email or by phone.

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