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 Prior to starting:


  1. An interview with the Supervisor will be conducted.

  2. Tour of the Day Care facility will be given.

  3. The Policies and Procedures manual has been read.

  4. The Supervisor has reviewed the Policies and Procedures with the volunteer/ student.

  5. Any questions or concerns are addressed prior to starting in any of the classrooms.

  6. Criminal Reference Check must be submitted prior to starting in any of the classrooms.

  7. Immunizations must be up to date.


Once Approved to Start:


  1. The RECE teacher will instruct the student during their time in the classroom.

  2.  The students will NOT be left alone in the classroom with the children.

  3. The students will NOT be included in the class ratio.

  4. All students must follow all policies and procedures. Failure to do so will result in termination of their placement.

  5. The Supervisor ahead of time must approve placement hours.


Roles & Responsibilities of Students:


  1. Read the policy and procedure handbook.

  2. Review and follow the policy and procedure handbook with the supervisor.

  3. Provide a vulnerable sector check prior to starting.

  4. Must provide an updated immunization record.

  5. Students are to watch and observe the RECE staff in the classroom. 

  6. Students are to interact and play with the children.

  7. Students are to help the RECE staff with regular routines of the classroom.  (ie help dress children for outside, assist with snacks & lunchtime etc.)


  1. Students are to arrange all assignments and activities with the RECE staff ahead of time.

  2. Students will not do diaper changes unless required for their placement by Niagara College.

  3. Students are NOT allowed to be left alone with the children at anytime throughout the day.


 Roles & Responsibilities of RECE staff:


  1. RECE staff will be responsible for the student in the classroom.

  2. RECE staff will set the example for the students.

  3. RECE staff will ensure that the student follow all policy and procedures in the handbook.

  4. RECE staff will report any con-compliances to the supervisor.

  5. RECE staff will be responsible for making sure the student does all the required assignments during their placement.

  6. RECE staff is responsible for marking the student on all activities that are planned and that it is done fairly.

  7. RECE will ensure that the student are never left alone at anytime throughout the day.

  8. RECE staff will monitor the interaction of the students with the children and ensure that it is safe and appropriate.

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